KBL Press Kit


Knowledge Beneath Lyrics (KBL) is a hip-hop duo from Edmonton, AB who distinguishes themselves as a bridge between modern and 90’s Hip Hop. They are diligent in staying true to who they are and finding unique ways to challenge the current status quo of today’s most popular hip-hop music. The group consists of:

Kancer (Lyricist): Whose name envelops a meaning deeper than what may appear on the surface. “Cancer” - in itself is an issue near and dear to this KBL artist’s heart and is a reminder of experiences both good and bad that he has endured throughout his life. Staying true to who he is and embracing his circumstances, Kancer brings a passion and energy to the mic that is unmatched. With in your face verses, sarcastic humor and intricate rhyme schemes, Kancer will leave you in awe while still managing to relate and connect with the listener on a deeper level.

B-Lung (Lyricist): The second lyricist in KBL brings with him an interesting background and hints of a split personality. An individual in a society based on negative stereotypes that try to shove him in the box they see fit. Torn between the mirage of being this perfect image in “so-called” real life and the care free expressive individual that is evoked through B-Lung. Lung uses his lyrics as a form escapism to a state of realness while sharing the deepest thoughts of his mind. His thoughtful and reflective approach to music leaves you pondering and questioning what’s beneath the surface.

Recorded Work

  • 2018 “Hundred Schools of Thought” (Unreleased). (Kurtis Schultz), Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2018 “The Book Of KBL”. (Kurtis Schultz), Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2017 “Knowledge Beneath Lyrics”. (Kurtis Schultz), Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2014 “Berta State of Mind”. (Sound Extractor), Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2013 “North Side Shakers”. (Independent), Edmonton, AB, Canada

Live Work

  • 2018 “Zoobrew: Presented by The ARK Project”. Edmonton Valley Zoo, Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2018 “Kokanee Freeride”. Marmot Basin, Jasper, AB Canada
  • 2018 “Zoey Dollaz: Mr. Post & Delete Tour”. The Rec Room, Edmonton, AB Canada
  • 2018 “Those Days: Single Release Party”, Chvrch of John, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • 2017 “Zoobrew: Presented by The ARK Project”. Edmonton Valley Zoo, Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2017 “The Pint: Sunday Funday”. The Pint Public House, Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2017 “KBL EP Release Concert”, Feat. Demrick. The Needle Vinyl Tavern, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • 2016 “iMayday! Alberta Tour”. The Mercury Room, Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2016 “iMayday! Alberta Tour”. Distortion, Calgary, AB, Canada
  • 2016 “iMayday! Alberta Tour”. Wild Bills, Red Deer, AB, Canada
  • 2016 “DUB FX”. Union Hall, Edmonton, AB, Canada
  • 2016 “Electric Love Music Festival”.  The Arcade Stage, Agassiz, BC, Canada
  • 2016 “Stoner Nation Tour (Demrick)”. The Mercury Room, Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2016 “Stoner Nation Tour (Demrick)”. Wild Bills, Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2016 “Electric Love Emcee Competition (1st Place)”. The Gas Pump Bar, Edmonton AB, Canada
  • 2015 “Ghostface Killah Tour”. Club NV, Fort McMurray AB, Canada
  • 2015 “Cut Connex Concert & Conference For Urban Culture”. Canad Inn, Winnipeg MB, Canada.

Social Links:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/652ugqbVHVbnNvj3GsHRI7

Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/kbl/1006051179

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL_VX1ang38qfzuVEQdKiYg

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/k.bl/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KnowledgeBeneathLyrics/


  • Email - mgmtkbl@gmail.com
  • Phone - 780-951-2058 (Kevin)

Proud KBL Sponsors:

  • Audio Obsession Sound
  • Tutti Frutti B&L
  • ECF Vapor Emporium
  • Phillips Manucci Law Firm